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About OCTA

The mission of the Colorado/Cherokee Trails Chapter of OCTA is to protect these Historic Emigrant Trails legacy by promoting research, education, preservation activities and public awareness of the trails, and to work with others to promote these causes. The Colorado-Cherokee Trail Chapter, not to be confused with the Cherokee Trail of Tears, works on marking and mapping the Colorado's network of trails and works with private landowners as well as government agencies, such as the Bureau of Land Management and the National Park Service, on preservation issues. It's a great way to get “on the ground” in OCTA because we sponsor trail outings our their area and have frequent meetings to discuss trail history and preservation.

Most of these events are open to members and non-members alike.

Membership in our chapter is voluntary, although in order to be a member of our local chapter you must be a member of national OCTA. Many members join the Colorado/Cherokee Trail Chapter to get the best available information about issues and projects in our area. We welcome members from all over. We publish own quarterly newsletter.

Saturday, November 12 for a very interesting presentation on the Cherokee-Overland Trail and tour of trail sites in Westminster to be led by Linda Graybeal, President of the Westminster Historical Society.
The event will begin at 10:00 a.m. at the Westminster Historical Society, 7200 Lowell Boulevard, Westminster, where Linda will give a presentation, followed by a tour of the Westminster Castle, a historic landmark near 83rd and Federal Boulevard.
The tour of Westminster Castle will be followed by a tour of Cherokee-Overland Trail sites.  Linda will provide a brochure with addresses, directions and brief descriptions of each site.  The tour will end about 12:30, followed by lunch at Applebee's, 9010 Wadsworth Parkway. 
Linda has provided the following description:

On our Westminster lecture and tour, we will start out from the oldest standing school building left in Westminster for a brief PowerPoint introduction.  Then we will go to the top of the 1892 Westminster University castle and gaze across the prairie to the east, visualize the mighty buffalo in wallows to the north as the Arapaho hunted (leaving arrowheads still being discovered), and then turn in all other directions to see the same mountains that guided these early settlers northward and to the west. 


Nearby was an Arapaho winter encampment where settlers traded; not far to the west the Cherokee-Overland Trail gently meandered through the western part of what is now Westminster.  Then we will travel to the various intersections and local historical landmarks that mark out the Cherokee-Overland Trail in Westminster, guided by an informative brochure. 


And we might just catch a glimpse of a time gone by which we can revisit today.   

Imagine that you could travel back in time and see what people saw over 160 years ago.  Imagine stripping away all the roads, trees, and buildings in your area and hearing countless wagons passing by.  Imagine looking out from the highest hill and seeing a long string of wagon trains slowly snaking across the open prairie. 
Imagine walking where pioneers once walked.  There is a hill, the highest in the area, where the Arapaho watched those wagon trains coming closer and closer.  Now we can look out across the prairie and see the sails of DIA.  We can follow present-day roads and sight down the railroad tracks and visualize adventurers coming through.  We can look around our own neighborhood and feel the ups and downs of the topography and guess where travelers from long ago walked.  Even more importantly, we have clues from maps and records of these early prairie travelers. 
We hope to see you for this very interesting event.  If you plan to attend, please RSVP to Mark Voth,
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